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We offer a number of different products that will equip you with a Gen Z recruitment strategy.

Insert short, engaging videos and get rid of dull, text-heavy job descriptions. Start branding yourself to find the right talent.

Equip yourself to attract a new generation of talent
If you are wondering why, here are some important trends you should be aware of.
GenZ are more likely to abandon a job application halfway if it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete.
Two-thirds of millennials would rather watch a video from a brand than read a text.
Average hours spent a day by Gen-Z on their phones. This is why we created a mobile-first platform!

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You might be asking whom this is for. We work with businesses of all sizes. From awesome, independent, small companies, to recruitment firms, large corporations and huge job boards.

    • We love the branding and how bobbll engages and attracts a younger generation of talent for our vacancies.

      from XpressJobs
    • Bobbll delivers on its aim to provide a direct personal communication between Gen Z and employers, facilitated by an easy to use platform interface.

      from Imagen Insights
    • Bobbll's platform is a great advertisement tool and their services have been exceptional. They have created videos & graphics for us to promote on our social media, which has helped us share our company needs to a much wider range. Their VideoAds are perfect for the age group we recruit & are trying to reach. We can't wait to work with them more.

      from Selective Personnel
    • The video ads helped us stand out from the standard job description ads to attract and recruit younger candidates. We embedded the video ad across multiple job board platforms.

      from Finance Trainer

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We help all clients brand themselves to attract a younger demographic of talent, regardless of size.


£0/mo Billed annually

  • 300 Monthly Views Included
  • 1 Advert
  • Complimentary ATS Service
  • Unlimited Vacancies
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£99/mo Billed annually

  • 10000 Monthly Views Included
  • Up to 3 Adverts
  • Complimentary ATS Service
  • Job Stats Included
  • Unlimited Vacancies
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£220/mo Billed annually

  • 60000 Monthly Views Included
  • Unlimited Adverts
  • Integrate with your ATS
  • Job Stats Included
  • Complimentary ATS Service
  • Unlimited Vacancies
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • Can I only pay for one product?

      Yes! Our products are designed based on your needs as a company. You can use multiple, all or one singular product depending on your needs.

    • Who creates the video for the VideoAd product?

      We have content creators that are ready to create your company videos within 3 days. We can help you script the video based on your job description to achieve a creative and engaging short video. If you have your own resources you are also welcome to create your own videos and upload them.

    • What do I do with the VideoAd product?

      On your dashboard you will receive a link to the videoAd product. We encourage you to share this link across your social media channels including Linkedin. You can also share it on job sites to reach a wider audience. Stand out from your competitors via an engaging video!

    • Why should I commission a videoAd instead of writing a job description on a job board?

      When was the last time you read a job description? Job descriptions tend to be long, boring and time-consuming. We provide you with a tool to create an engaging experience and be more transparent as a company. Engage and attract a video-driven generation of talent to your organisation.

    • Can you find candidates for us?

      We have a Gen Z marketplace in the UK that is constantly growing with users looking for job opportunities. We operate in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh and have a number of University partners we work with.

    • How does it work if I want to use all of your products?

      Our products are most effective if they are used simultaneously to successfully achieve your recruitment campaign. Simply commission our videoAd and see your job posts automatically added to all of our marketplaces including the Website, iPhone and Android Apps.

    • Where can I view all my applicants?

      All applicants can be viewed on your dashboard. See their most relevant information and contact them easily through email or in-app messages.

    • Can I share access to the Dashboard with my team?

      Yes, you can! We provide separate recruitment accounts for your different venues or teams at no extra cost.

    • How do I add the VideoAd to social media?

      Linktree is a great tool for you to share all your links. Include your VideoAd there! If you want to advertise the video on your social media as a paid campaign simply download the video and upload to TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.