What are Gen-Z looking for?

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What are Gen-Z looking for?

Gen-Z are the generation born after 1997. As such, they are the up and coming workforce who have grown up in an age of technology. Gen-Z generally have higher standards for their work life.

1. Diversity

One of the most important aspects of Gen-Z is their diversity. This generation comes from various backgrounds and value their differences. As such, this is important for a company to demonstrate to their employees. Having a diverse workforce will not only benefit your company, but make you more employable to Gen-Z candidates.

2. Flexibility

Another thing Gen-Z looks for is flexibility in the work life. This can mean within their work hours, work location and also in their responsibilities. Especially in a covid-driven environment, being able to pick their work hours is high on the list of priorities. This does not mean that Gen-Z work any less - rather, they prefer to choose times where they’d be most productive.

3. Development

If you’re wondering what you can offer Gen-Z, then think about looking at what learning opportunities you have. These will be key to your recruitment. Gen-Z tend to think of their work life as an investment, therefore the more opportunities you offer, the more likely they are to get involved!

4. Insurance

While we’re thinking about training, also think about financial initiatives. Gen-Z value stability, having lived through times of financial trouble. They worry about investments and tend to be more money-focussed. Higher salaries are definitely better but not all companies can afford this. Therefore, companies can try to offer their employees a better pension or insurance - this way, it’s a win on both ends!

5. Easier Recruitment

One of the things that can stop Gen-Z from applying to your job is the application process. As much as Gen-Z like to stay on top of things, seeing an outdated job application form is one of the things that can demotivate them. How to mitigate this problem? By signing up for Bobbll of course.

Bobbll personalises the experience of recruitment and most of all ensures it is UX friendly. It appeals to Gen-Z users who are constantly on their phone and looking for the next big step for their career. By signing up, you are also looking at an easier way to find students who want a job!