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Reaching out to younger generations is currently one of the biggest challenges companies face when looking fill their job vacancies and promote their business. More than 70% of Gen-Z abandon job applications half-way because they are too complicated and outdated.

Bobbll provides a frictionless solution allowing companies to find talented individuals on-demand. We are proud of our ambitious bobbll-community made up of university, college and school students who are eager to gain work experience and find jobs on bobbll.

Businesses choose bobbll because they know that our technology attracts the next generation of talent.

  • We provide a frictionless service.
  • We attract the next generation of talent.
  • We match employees with candidates on-demand.
  • We reduce your hiring time.

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JoshUniversity of Glasgow

Bobbll is an extremely valuable tool for students when it comes to securing part-time work. It massively simplifies the job-hunting process - all you need to do is complete a CV, list your skills and select what type of jobs you’re looking for. Best of all, you only need to do this once! No need to spend hours filling out application forms over and over again. Bobbll is an absolute must for students.


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